Digital Kapital #0002

Photo diary from a pandemic summer.

Hello and greetings! Here is Digital Kapital edition #0002. Click here if you missed edition #0001 and want to check it out. Click here for some more context on what Digital Kapital is about.

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Several songs

A playlist of an hour or so of songs, old and new, that I’ve been enjoying:

A pandemic summer photo diary

Disclaimer: Unsure why, but if you're on your phone, these might show up in a bit lower-resolution than desired, so best not to zoom in. Have a look on your laptop or in a browser for the higher-resolution images!

a pigeon standing on a ‘no standing any time’ sign, august 2020, rockaway beach, queens

slow drip, august 2020, sunnyside, queens

hot summer, august 2020, sunnyside, queens

dott dott, july 2020, sunnyside, queens

they sell cigarettes again, july 2020, sunnyside, queens

everyone has a drawer like this, august 2020, sunnyside, queens

camping atop a mountain with friends, august 2020, harriman state park, new york

storm skies, august 2020, sunnyside, queens

symmetrical sink formation, august 2020, rockaway beach, queens

an egg in 9 acts, august 2020, sunnyside, queens

‘give me a hand, please’, september 2020, sunnyside, queens

a linkedin DM from steven silberman, or, trying to be a photographer in the year of our lord 2020, august 2020, my phone, queens

fuck you, august 2020, 495 east, queens

blossom, march 2020, sunnyside, queens

TIREd, july 2020, sunnyside, queens

an industrial affair, july 2020, sportime tennis center, randall’s island, bronx

erin before walking down the aisle, september 2020, ringwood, new jersey

(also, yes, i am available for hire to photograph your backyard/small/intimate wedding!)

hazy sun, september 2020, sunnyside, queens

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